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  Manila's SKYBRIDGE to SHOPPING HEAVEN Description: Join me on an exhilarating journey through the skies of Manila! We'll traverse the De La Rosa Elevated Walkway, a hidden gem offering breathtaking views of the city's vibrant skyline and bustling streets. Feel the energy of Makati as we stroll above the traffic, exploring this unique urban oasis. Discover the seamless connection between convenience and luxury as this skybridge leads us to a shopper's paradise, where world-class dining and retail therapy await. Don't miss this insider's look at Manila's most stylish secret! Keywords: Manila, De La Rosa Elevated Walkway, Makati, Philippines, skywalk, walking tour, aerial view, city views, urban landscape, shopping district Hashtags: #Manila #Philippines #Makati #DeLaRosaWalkway #Skybridge #TravelPhilippines #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines #WalkingTour #CityViews #UrbanLandscape #HiddenGem #TravelGuide #VisitPhilippines #LuxuryShopping #Shopping #videoart #travel

Coffee Cake and Manifestation


Winter’s sunlight filtered through the cafe's windows, barely warming my skin and brightening the vibrant interior. The intoxicating aroma of a fresh-baked cake hung in the air, rousing me from my groggy stupor. It brought a tinge of nostalgia, whispering of late-night escapades in the Metaverse, with the VR strapped on I was strapped in. But that was last night, and the sweet scent of the cake awakened me to a new day.

I shuffled to the counter, my weary eyes widening as they landed on the golden delight perched there, a halo of morning light illuminating its perfect frosting. I took a bite, and a rush of pure joy washed over me, banishing the remnants of fatigue. The cake was a symphony of sensations, moist, soft, and achingly sweet sensations.

Finding a spot at a quaint table by the window, I sunk into the chair, indulging in another bite of the heavenly confection. As I savoured the lingering sweetness, I pondered the day ahead - a journey into the suburbs, where my daylight dealings lay ahead. Energised by the delectable cake, I could do this.

Once the cake was no more than a happy memory, I busied myself with brewing a strong cup of coffee. The rich aroma mingled with the cake's sweet aftertaste, creating an aromatic symphony that hung in the air, and the bitter, robust flavour of the coffee served as a perfect counterpoint to the cake's sweetness.

I savoured the moment, my eyelids drooping shut as I took in the sounds of the early morning - the rattle of the trams, the hum generated by the return of the white collars. This was perfection, a solace before a day of mental combat navigating public transport. I had my cake, my coffee, and determined resolve.

Opening my eyes, I basked in the warm glow of the morning sun filtering through the cafe window. It was a day painted in shades of promise and anticipation.

I took my last swig of coffee, a content smile tugging at my lips. I was ready. Ready to embrace the world. Ready to master the suburbs. So let the day manifest what I want.

Coffee Cake & then Manifest Poem

Coffee and Cake and then Manifest.
Winter's sunlight filters through the cafe's windows. 
The aroma of fresh-baked cake arouses me from my stupor. 
The scent of the cake brings back memories of last night's Metaverse. 
The cake is a symphony of sensations. 
I find a quaint table by the window to savour this moment. 
I ponder the day ahead as I enjoy the sweetness. 
I brew a strong cup of coffee to accompany my delight. 
The bitter flavour of the coffee complements the richness of the cream. 
I take in the sounds of the early morning. 
The moment is perfect before a day of mental combat. 
I bask in the warm glow of the morning sun. 
I take my last swig of coffee with a contented smile. 
I am ready to embrace the world and master the suburbs. 
Let the day manifest what I want. 
Today is painted in shades of promise and anticipation.

Manifest First
As the first light of dawn peeks over the horizon, I savour the warmth of my day's first cuppa. It's my lifeline, the aroma wafting up and telling a story of distant lands, potential and artisanal dedication. With each sip, my senses awaken, and my thoughts find clarity, sharpening my focus and fueling my ambitions. 

There's something unique about expressed coffee, something magical. It is the blend of scent, warmth, and taste combined that invigorates the mind. I know it is not just about the caffeine; it is a balm for the mind and a tonic for the body. Packed with antioxidants and polyphenols, I can feel it lower my tension and blood pressure, invigorate the good cells, and fight off nasty sugars. 

Manifest First is a moment of peace before the world fragments my attention. As I drain the last drops from my cup, I feel profound gratitude and a remarkable mystical sense of preparation. The sensory feast serves more than just my stimulation needs; it's a ritual, a moment of stillness in the day's cacophony.

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