In the shadows and on pause


In the queue and stressed out

The world's weight bore down on me. Standing still in this dead-end queue. The cacophony of whispering conversations and impatient shuffling of feet heightened my anxiety. I glanced around, searching for an escape from the suffocation. Frustration rose as my thoughts raced, and my to-do list and commitments crashed to earth. Time seemed to stand still in this space, mocking my want to move forward.

My heart raced, sweat stung my eyes as my internal clock ticked away. The grip tightened with each passing second. I was trapped and held hostage by the inertia of the static queue. It was as if my everything was chained to someone else's time. I was on pause and held captive in a pantomime of stress and stagnation. 

I fought desperately to overcome my waves of panic. Suddenly the line inched forward. I took a deep breath to calm the raging storm inside. I clung to the hope that I could eventually break through.

This dead-end queue

On Pause

In this muted space, the world outside seemed to pause.
The blanket provided a temporary respite from life's other demands.
As travellers arrived and departed, the quiet atmosphere pulsated.
Each departure left a unique fingerprint of silence behind.
The sanctuary continually welcomed newcomers seeking tranquillity. 
They arrived to seek solace from the chaos of queuing.
They were nestled safely between the wait and the personalised potential of their destinations.
Time seemed to stand still in this space.
It was as if everything was on hold, paused momentarily.
This brief interlude allowed them to catch themselves.
They could regroup before venturing into their next holding bay.
The systemic cycle of arrivals and departures preserved this sanctuary's unique atmosphere.

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