Creating the JJFBbennett.x metaverse.

My world that is beyond
Connected with yours
Being and sharing
Chaotic manifestations
Without reasons to exist

Not as a useful commodity
As an elite private space
Educated and interconnected
Unwelcoming to most
A room of unlearning behaviors
Learning how to be idle and to self-engage
To self-civilize

In our world 
When you could once have an original thought
Despite the technical limitation and cost
We banded together to will an intention
Knowing there were no spiritual differences between x and y
We knew we could exist
In proposition and virtue

Within the earth, and the heavens
Where moments can eternalize
Where the cosmos appropriates
The golden house
Celestial and practical

From the ancients
Metal, glass, and precious stone
From the traditions that altered time
Revered and technically accomplished
Shaping all internal forces
Both living and dead.

Early in twenty twenty-two.
Come look at this.
On the edge of your seat.
Four branches.
An internal sphere.
Under the domed roof.
Circular as history.

A room within a room.
A sphere within a room.
The walls and shapes are glass.
Translucent light filters through the stains of colour.
The sphere is where you spawn.
Under a domed roof.
A circle within a square.


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