Jingili Circumnavigated Apical


Remembering what the imperial powers set in place.
Civilization, Christianity, and Commerce.

The essential values justify achievement and superiority.
To inflict an ideological belief of inferiority.
And to punish cultures into subservience and dependency.
Masters and soldier ants.

Each time we try to free ourselves.
Sovereign power adjusts its grid of discipline.
A correction to form a new normal.
A nation of docile subjects.

Humanising pest control.
From less suffering to more suffering.
From pest controller to pest and back again.
Forming another correction and resetting our new normal.
Who controls our benefactor?
According to the Gospel of Wealth.

Our pests make our life difficult

We need solutions
The door behind the curtain

Trying to controlling them
From and then to

Until domestication becomes
Apical dominance

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