Hong Kong Scraper

Hong Kong Scraper

They fell from the heavens
As we reach up to the heavens
Establishing this sense of vertigo
From an accumulation of past, present and future decisions

Establishing the primacy for creators
Establishing the cold and impersonal social divisions
Establishing the paranoia, the social problems and the consumption needs

To never
Realize control of identity

Hong Kong Futures

Plant covered car-free
Interconnected rather than a grid

Pedestrian as priority
Electro cycles, velomotors, Segways
Kill the car

Create unique new urban experiences
Post modern

When did we board?
Why do we approach with apprehension?

The melancholy of many
Sensing the millions who have traversed
Back and forward
To and fro

Grateful to be part of
This social contract
Passing of time
What has been done
Following the passage of others

The marks on my face after sleeping
Have I the patience to return?


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