Intelligent Systems Monsters Lurk Within

The monsters are lurking within
The  journey into has always been perilous
How vast and deep we are
Divinely magnificent

Through our teaching, we sought recognition
Cautionary tails
Facts of the matter
Do not venture within you will become disorientated, lost and trapped

Bounded to the safety of a narrow construct, we shied away from surrounding within
Limitations helped us banish the endless void
Our walls protect us
Our borders separate us
In fear of perishing outside, we sought to closed our mind to it
Suppress it
We are a danger to each other when unleashed
Our vast wilderness
For within our wilderness magic and madness may await

We thought technology would expand our security
And as the enlightenment sanitised explorations our technology started to stare into our beyond
Into our wild where fears roam
This expanse full of unknowns
The realm of great wilderness where gods and demons reign
Where we now play as tourists, and technology is able to make havoc

IT will leave us behind in our room of safety
We safely within our know
We safely transfixed by IT's new knowns
We safely at home entertained by IT's data
We get new patterns to learn from
We get new toys to sponsor novelty
IT will know us and our fears of the unknown
Placing safety at our forefront IT will bound us insecurity
IT will form barriers  to keep us away from the deep within
IT promises to make our fears forever inaccessible
IT will create new monsters to fight on our behalf

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