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Side by Side and Shimmering

  Description: Welcome to my latest video, where I bring a beautiful poem to life through the magic of jazz. In this video, you'll experience the enchanting verses of a poem that explores themes of purpose, solidarity, and the ethereal beauty of jazz. Let the soothing voice-over guide you through shadows, whispers of angels, and the rising notes of jazz melodies. Watch as spirits shimmer and hearts adore, finding solidarity and compassion in every stride. Join me on this journey and feel the blend of music and poetry guiding you towards a hopeful end. Keywords: Jazz poem, Poetry video, Angels and music, Spiritual journey, Purpose and solidarity, Ethereal poetry, Music and poetry blend, Uplifting jazz, Visual Poetry, Compelling beauty Hashtags: #JazzPoem #PoetryVideo #AngelicWhispers #SpiritualJourney #PurposeInSong #Solidarity #CompassionateStrides #EtherealPoetry #MusicAndPoetry #UpliftingJazz #VisualPoetry #VoiceOverMagic #HeartfeltMelodies #AngelsInJazz #TogetherWeStand Side by

Distance Education and eduTechnology

My favorite Distance Learning quotes


Shifting content-based teacher transmitted delivery to student inclusive learning requires a whole-of-school approach.

Distance Education provides learning to students separated by distance, this should not lower teaching-learning quality.

Technology is not enough. Transformative structures can be easily disregarded by implicit morphic practices

Morphic behavior operating in a new structure will not improve learning effectiveness or achievement. It may do at best: maintain output.

Distance Education technologies plasticizes the actual place of instruction, within which the teacher fabricates the describable activities.

Distance Education teacher is about transformative mastery of ICT contextually applied to the pedagogy used in quality classroom teaching.

Gatekeeper teachers can easily conjure up arguments to maintain the status quo to resist disruptive technologies.

5 levels 4, 21c teacher: global, school-organization systems, students, learning teams, open resource & intellectual asset development.

MOOCs mass production for mass consumption. It is an industrial Fordist 20C model. No wonder dropout rates are in mass percentages.

Classroom and sense of control. Students learn control within a changing environment vs diminished control in a controlled environment.

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