Deep Sea Bug - It is not about maintaining balance

Title: Deep Sea Bug  - It is not about maintaining balance
Year: 2014
Medium: Autodesk SketchBook, Samsung Note 2
Artist: John Bennett jjfbbennett
Series: Calligraphy Bug series
Image version: png


There are moments in life when melancholy grips in.
In the pursuit of achievement, when worthiness is implicitly questioned by peers and outwardly demonstrated by the actions of authority;

  • when overt praise is is actually an ambience of sarcasm; 
  • when attacks are protected by status;
  • when attempts are denied by priority;
  • when innovation is denied and a holding bay is fabricated; 
Deep rooted micro questions emerge from depths where loneliness and emptiness abide.

Degenerate logic, scratch and scrawl and scrape at sublime minds whilst

  • authority and peers prod and poke, seeking a reactive outburst 
    • demands of sorrow require victor's pity 
      • enabling those to pamper away blankets of regret. 
Placed down and continuously stripped away
Place down and taught to kneel through explicit kindness and welcoming gestures

Do not ensure that  
your repatriation  empowers  
'the authoritive' to satisfy its want to maintain balance. 

Peers will whisper controversy &
'the authoritatives' will campaign reigns against those who delve
into the depths of thought and incite difference. 

Enter the depths of loneliness and emptiness to gain strength, resilience and determined defiance.

Do not enter the depth of loneliness and emptiness to gain self pity and
offer 'the inflictor' the privilege of tendering your wounds. 

These depths are for creativity and innovation, not hospitalization.

Innovation and Creativity is not about maintaining balance.

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