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Side by Side and Shimmering

  Description: Welcome to my latest video, where I bring a beautiful poem to life through the magic of jazz. In this video, you'll experience the enchanting verses of a poem that explores themes of purpose, solidarity, and the ethereal beauty of jazz. Let the soothing voice-over guide you through shadows, whispers of angels, and the rising notes of jazz melodies. Watch as spirits shimmer and hearts adore, finding solidarity and compassion in every stride. Join me on this journey and feel the blend of music and poetry guiding you towards a hopeful end. Keywords: Jazz poem, Poetry video, Angels and music, Spiritual journey, Purpose and solidarity, Ethereal poetry, Music and poetry blend, Uplifting jazz, Visual Poetry, Compelling beauty Hashtags: #JazzPoem #PoetryVideo #AngelicWhispers #SpiritualJourney #PurposeInSong #Solidarity #CompassionateStrides #EtherealPoetry #MusicAndPoetry #UpliftingJazz #VisualPoetry #VoiceOverMagic #HeartfeltMelodies #AngelsInJazz #TogetherWeStand Side by

Anzac Day supports our continual efforts of invasion.

  • ANZAC Day has ceased to be a day where we commit to 'never again'.
  • Anzac Day has become a shallow glorification of Australia's capacity to make war. It is a celebration of Australia's capacity of invasion. In contemporary multicultural Australia Anzac Day is appearing as the last stand of our mono-cultural past.
  • ANZAC Day should be a remembrance for the futility of war and to support efforts towards a pacifist Australia. It should not be employed by sporting leagues as a selling point to enable blockbusting displays of digger fortitude and bravery.
  • Anzac Day is a celebration of protection, but what did the Anzacs protected us from? Who would have invaded Australia had Australia. What would have changed in Australia if we had not sent our military to Europe to be slaughtered.
  • Why doesn't the bombing of Darwin gain more attention if Anzac Day is about the brave who stands by his mate?
  • Anzac Day has moved from the regret of war to a heightened endorsement of war. It has moved from the awareness of sickening mistakes of yesteryear to the martyrdom of death of today. It has moved from this contextual era to encompass all Australian military action abroad.
  • Australia's growing nationalism is linked to a determination of participating in overseas conflict. This Anzac glorification is sanctifying Australia's active engagement in foreign countries. The Anzac parade has become a cultural symbol. This symbol represents Australia's capacity to invade foreign countries. Never again is becoming very shallow.
  • Since the original invasion (settlement) Australia has not been invaded. The Japanese attack in world war 2 was not an invasion. There is no present threat that could be perceived as an invasion. It is unlikely that Australia will in the foreseeable future having to protect itself from foreseeable forces.
  • A nation in Australia's situation may view that to build a military capacity to defend itself as insurance however to build a capacity to strike nations that have no intention of invasion is wrong. Australia since world war 2 has actively invaded nations who have had no intention of invading Australia. Australia possesses a powerful air force (FA-18s fighter bombers and deep strike F-111s), a strong navy force (Collins class subs and shipping strike aircraft) a highly skilled and equipped army force (Leopard). There is no one in our region who will invade Australia however Australia has been engaged. With a strong military force Australia is more than willing to enter into partnerships of invasion. Australia's military objective is 'strike based' not 'defense based'. Australia has military forces in East Timor, Afghanistan, Iraq. Anzac Day doesn't question our present actions because they are honourable. Its the digger tradition.
  • Anzac Day is associated with the respect one's own oldies. Children march with and even wear medals of war that their grandparents gained from combat. It defines the family. It defines the Australianess of the family. There is a cultural divide between us and them.
  • Anzac Day enables a displacement of uncertainties to a certainty. The uncertainties are core issues to what constitutes a questionable Australian identity. The Republican issue and who do we fight for. The Invasion issue – who's land did Australia take over. The Indigenous issue – no Treaty. The White Australia issue – black Australian quality of life. Multicultural Australia issue – who's history do we teach in schools. The Yellow Peril issue – Asians will take over Australia.
  • Anzac day is not a genuine recognition for the suffering within war. If the recognition was honest it would patronise the Indigenous Australians who fought against the invading colonialist. If the recognition was honest it would recognise the Asians killed on Federation. If the recognition was honest we would enable teaching perspectives from the nations we have invaded (be it Turkey, Indonesia, Solomons, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq). Anzac Day doesn't reconcile any of the issues we presently face as a nation. Anzac Day supports our continual efforts of invasion.


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