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Australian Gothic

The land  Where there are no crumbling castles  No bloodsucking vampires No ancient monsters No antiquity Too immature for proper history
The terror is unseen The terror has been repressed  Through imperial violence, fear, and subversion Mass transportation to the dungeon of the world

50 thousand years 
Then came The water buffalo The missionaries Pastoral activity Uranium mining Forestry Tourism
Sheer relentless pressure Bringing forth crisis and social breakdown Through an obligation to make way

We sense their dread As they combined the elements to create a threat
A social, religious, and physical threat The darkest mountain The deepest canyon No escape
THEN There are those who predicted the threat Those who compose the realities of impending horror  Those who shepherd the flock into their shelters
As we return to our nooks and anticipate their foretold slaughter

When you feel an object is both alive and not alive
Consecrated Special powers Invisible forces Made powerful for human purpose
As the hypothetical force mani…