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At the age of 60, I thought life would be much easier to understand

In the '80s, I was painting art inspired by Fauvist, Cobra and Art Brut artists

I wanted my art to be raw, powerful and primitive

I was investigating our psychological and physical barriers as they failed to protect

I wanted to paint self entrapment where sickness and resistance hid any possibility of outwardly demonstrating wellness.

Back in ‘81


Times were fun

As a fine artist

With ambition in mind

I thought of life

It was so primitive

From the 1860s to 1950s

They were seemingly untreatable

They were feared

There was panic

Colonies within a colony

A prison for the sick

Of appalling living conditions

Enforcing social isolation


A wish in time

Investing in negative sentiment





Invested in negative sentiment

Fabric and Structure

Pressed on for living

I have the need to know

Fleeting and impulsive distrust

A self-deprecating joke

I murmur in delight of my loss

I just need a reason

Shelter with me

Angel of Death please pass us by

It’s not true that no one needs you anymore

It is the what that is driving my unhappiness

Embellished through enforced competition

Bless my soul

A self-deprecating joke

Wet and drenched

The edge is challenging me

So obedient to all worldly matters

Harbouring my safety 

I murmur in delight of my loss

For this lonely man rides again

You should be building me up

But your system keeps drags me back

I just need a reason

To sail away

In a dream

A nightmare is approaching

Shelter with me

I slam the door shut

Alert and quivering

Resilient and defiant in fear 


Angel of Death please pass us by

It’s not true that no one needs you anymore

But, I just wish I was dead

My vastness of inadequacy

Your judgment is self-honourable

It is the what that is driving my unhappiness

Controlling the damage of my self-worth 

Embellished through enforced competition

The benefits to those who rule

The benefits for those who are ruled

Masters and the slaves

Civilized and savage

Modern and pre-modern

The civilizing mission of non-nations

Registration, surveillance, and control 

In sickness and health

The shaping of minds

A continuum of sickness

A continuum of violence

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