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Ha Ha

A self-deprecating joke I murmur in delight of my loss I just need a reason Shelter with me Angel of Death please pass us by It’s not true that no one needs you anymore It is the what that is driving my unhappiness Embellished through enforced competition

Bless my soul A self-deprecating joke

Wet and drenched The edge is challenging me So obedient to all worldly matters Harbouring my safety  I murmur in delight of my loss For this lonely man rides again

You should be building me up But your system keeps drags me back I just need a reason To sail away In a dream

A nightmare is approaching Shelter with me I slam the door shut Alert and quivering Resilient and defiant in fear  Whispering Angel of Death please pass us by

It’s not true that no one needs you anymore But, I just wish I was dead My vastness of inadequacy Your judgment is self-honourable It is the what that is driving my unhappiness Controlling the damage of my self-worth  Embellished through enforced competition

The benefits…

Ambitious Artist cover

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An Ambitious Artist Cover When pressed for living My skin is my barrier
By John Bennett  JJFBbennett

In 1983 I moved from Melbourne  with my love Brenda to Poowong To start my painting career
In 2019 I traveled to Seoul with my love Brenda And viewed Asger Jorn artist as a social activist
This book is a collusion of What Memory considered Reflection
My paintings  were determined to have something to say
An Ambitious Artist Abstract
This story is about growth. By growth I mean, the tenacity to survive in a delicate and highly fragile ecology. 
My underlying artistic dilemma is rooted in the normal and abnormal consequences that impound affordance and manifests self-actualization. 
An artistic response to the perceived narrative and the clues that impact on augmenting a self-sealing consciousness. 
The generated artifacts represent growth gained through spontaneous thinking and physical action set under the conditioning forces of …

Human Mammal Self Actualization

Unexpected interference

A wish in time Investing in negative sentiment

Self-sealing Theory Evidence Belief

Invested in negative sentiment Fabric and Structure

Pressed on for living I have the need to know Fleeting and impulsive distrust

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