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Napkin Art - Zombie Pebbles

Never mind my bad breath Welcome to my house This place where I never did feel at home
I'm rotted by the bad news stuff My assumptions are forever waiting  Never did I gain the skills to control this space
It was not like this when I was young Once I wanted to depart and escape It looked so much fun to jump right in But it now seems a lost cause I'm medicated from day to night  Walking from pillar to post
I'm rotted and want to be alone I'm buried under a ton of grief Hating for what I have become
Never did I care  Never was I interested Never was I present 
My story of loss This life of fear and apprehension

Celeste Luminous Transcendence

Overwhelm our logic From personalized layers of interpretation Feared, worshiped, and misunderstood
From folklore to fairy-tales my story circles Threatening, protecting and wilding This uncivilized self This authentic nature This warning This I don't know
My predatory nature  My sweat sweat talk Something is not quite right I am the death of me
Challenge me to confront Better ruined than dead In this dream of crazy sounds
I fiercely seek shelter from ill wind from shackles from shame
Distant callings Come back into the light from devastation to heartbreak

Napkin Art Table 33

Restoration of the ideal The Liberatores Why, this is violence? Et tu, Brute? We are once again free

Celeste Full Moon

Focus and concentrate and you will miss
You will be stymied by your knowing
The answer is in your chaotic mind
In the wonder
In the divergent
In your unconstrained creative cognition

To survive you need greater conceptual expansion
To extend traditional conceptual boundaries
To break free as needed
To invent the appropriate
To manifest your original being

Your beliefs are so exciting
Hold onto them despite the evidence
Reach for the moon and think outside of the box