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Celeste To See The 0cean

In sleep, Celeste finds ocean and waves
They emerge from a darkened sky and full of concern
Society is temporarily pushed aside
Somewhere out there
There is what has always been lacking
The something that makes sense
The something that would explain it all

As a novice
In the wonder and in the splendor
Drawn in
Once again
This universe was nothing without her
It was within her
She was within it

Is this a predetermined pattern?
The endless search for what could not be known
Across the waters and into the horizon
Beautiful projections are harnessed
Applied as evidence
As proof against those responsible

Docked into the safety of the foreshore
Ankle chained finger pointed
Waiting for the observer to make the decision
Of which or of what
She is determined to undercover

There is no questioning that it is out-of-hand
It is a warning and a calling
There is no letting go
Firmly entwined in her righteousness
Celeste is in the moment of her predicament
Knowing within each return, she has gained

Celeste: To See

There is no strategy without the dollars and want
We do not see what we do not need to see

Sunset Heat

Artline Pen Drawing on A4 110gsm paper

The heat and burden is relentless
Thick hot air against closed eyelids
Breathing in breathing out unfathomable thoughts
Heated thoughts within body, mind and emotion
Consumed by self within a controlled world
All that should be and will never be actuated
Imposed guilt
Action underlined by those who endeavour to make profit


Celeste All Dreams

All dreams begin as this
To form the vision
To have the passion
To enter with courage

Then the enabling
What is sky and what is earth
Who is hunted
Who is in control

Sleep close to your followers
Simulate their world within your imagination
Listen, embark and transform
Disregard those who will not be influenced

Intelligent Systems Monsters Lurk Within

The monsters are lurking within
The  journey into has always been perilous
How vast and deep we are
Divinely magnificent

Through our teaching, we sought recognition
Cautionary tails
Facts of the matter
Do not venture within you will become disorientated, lost and trapped

Bounded to the safety of a narrow construct, we shied away from surrounding within
Limitations helped us banish the endless void
Our walls protect us
Our borders separate us
In fear of perishing outside, we sought to closed our mind to it
Suppress it
We are a danger to each other when unleashed
Our vast wilderness
For within our wilderness magic and madness may await

We thought technology would expand our security
And as the enlightenment sanitised explorations our technology started to stare into our beyond
Into our wild where fears roam
This expanse full of unknowns
The realm of great wilderness where gods and demons reign
Where we now play as tourists, and technology is able to make havoc

IT wi…