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Designing Professional Learning for Teachers

Designing Professional Learning for TeachersQuestions of expectations - from the participant's perspective - to assist in designing a user-focused event/program/workshop/webinar.This is a list of questions that a deliverer should ask of themselves when designing a professional learning event for teachers.1. Why should I attend?
2. What do I need to know, to be ready for the event/workshop?
3. What am I expected to do with this knowledge once I return to school?
4. What will I learn & will it be at my level of knowledge?
5. Why is this training important to me - is it relevant?
6. How will this benefit my student's learning?
7. How can I logistically apply this in my classroom?
8. How can I share this knowledge with my peer teachers once I return to school?
9. What resources can I access once the event/workshop has concluded?
10. How will this benefit my job performance and my career?
11. How will this change my teaching practices?

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