The Defined Transformative Space

 Transformative Space 

Enter a cathartic pursuit. The passage entrance was small and did not indicate what we were to experience—assessing the unknowns in space, shifting dramatically from concept to academic self-questioning to disorientation. I followed our director upstairs, through multiple room scapes, and down corridors, to where the demi-master made me realise I had to select which self-delusion was best for me. In hindsight, I have re-entered these rooms my entire life, and my disconnection between acting and actioning required resolution. To begin a transformation and build a manifestation of social-spatial exclusiveness. To become as with the paradox.

The dream was so compelling and strange, that the woke were compelled to re-enter.

The Mannequin Vision is so disorientating and strange, that distinguished guests are compelled to follow.

A self-delusion of what is best for you and for those who follow you.

This gated entry is an abstract phenomenon designed to manifest socio-spatial exclusion.

Our event-driven nature means that something new is the capital realm of what is always already here

We were not here to escape our defences. On the contrary, we were here to gain insight into our defensive delusions.

Making the entrance. To reset for a new emergence.

The paradox burdens our depiction of anticipation.

Knowing which barriers contains which irresistible force.

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