This Branch

The collection gains its inspiration from Lake Bennett in the full moon. At 3:00 am, the darkened lake would shine under the translucent moon. Silent and bound by the visual magnificence, I could feel the gravitational power, changing tides, and internal biological rhythms. I did not need to sleep.

This collection is about accepting the beauty of the night and how it affects our sleep, mood, emotions, and conscious being.

Full Moon Reflections
When the moon finally breaks through.
And the restless breeze wanders between.
Past hatreds and future promises.
And the decisions of others who cut me down.

I just cannot stop.
And I fight with myself for my life.
Knowing others fight harder.
Never to gain even.
But I never wanted to march.
But I did.

When my thoughts don't realize.
I become restless.
I wander between what could have been.
My hatreds and false starts.
And all decisions I could never make.

My sky dreaming.
My glass ceilings.
I as the consumer.
Stoked by the genius.
Those who know better for me.
And the wasted life of never meeting promises.
But still, I follow.

When I seek shelter.
I am anxious.
Panicked by the cacophony of advice.
From all those loaded up.
With their wheelbarrows and bags of emotional weight.
I am delayed and postponed.

My dreams ruined.
Locked into procrastination.
I the belittle consumer.
Attached to every cause.
Designed by those more intelligent than me.
And then I downloaded a new app.
Now I am mindful.  
My cage.

This Branch
NFT Art by JJFBbennett
This Branch Collection will contain 8 artworks

I am a soft-shelled bomb.
I present a greater risk than the credit given.
You cannot sense my threat.
You just won’t know.
My beauty delays your response.
My beauty delays your reaction.

The chemicals that you breathe in.
The chemicals that you absorb.
And with each generation, you dumb down.
Your children are exposed.
They are the ones who are most damaged.

Do not seek my awe.
It deceives your ability to countermeasure.
Forensic restoration is too late.

In the perspective of chance.
In the deep of the night.
When shadows dance.
I close my mind.
To all those hatreds, promises, and decisions.
That ruined my day.

This Branch video
3 Branches

My fourth turning.
From maturity to decay.
Not wanting closure.
Or the emotional pain.
Or the acceptance of grief.
Up to the grinding end.

I wanted tolerance of ambiguity.
The acceptance of anxiety.
The lessening of suffering.

And now I want surveillance dismantled.
And the teardown of unfettered power.
Of the empire that cage-in and monetize our data.
Who legislates activism as a cybercrime.


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