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John Bennett

Present Position: Assistant Principal

Leadership and Management Statement

As an experienced leader, manager, administrator and educator I have the skills, knowledge and capacity to fulfil roles, responsibilities and expectations of positions which involve people management, change management, innovating work practices and getting things done.


Education, Curriculum, Leadership, Strategic Visioning, Policy, Human Resource Management, Project Management, Pedagogy and Andragogy, Research, Policy, Innovative Practices, Future Work Skills, Cultural TrendsAdult Learning, Student-Centred Learning, Learning Communication Systems, Formal & Informal Learning, Life-long LearningSocial Media, eLearning

Senior Consultant eLearning Strategy, Senior Programs Manager. Director, Senior Director. Virtual School Manager. Materials Manager. Assistant Principal. Senior eLearning Manager. Lighthouse School Facilitator. Senior School Teacher - ICT, Multimedia, Design, Robotics and Art. VET Instructor - Cert 11 IT & Multi Media.

Recent Experience

Northern Territory Open Education Centre, School — Assistant Principal

Assist the Principal in providing quality educational leadership in the areas of human resource management and development, communications and delivery systems and whole school policy development and review.

eLearning and Development, DoE — Senior Consultant eLearning Strategy

Provide high level strategic advice to executive management, government (Commonwealth and NT) and the education sector on the forward strategic planning and development of innovative eLearning, collaborative, multimodal technologies, and the provision of high level and effective online professional learning services for teachers throughout the NT.

ICT for Learning, DoE —  Senior Programs Manager

Develop the operating framework and manage a network of educators and IT professionals who will work with NT schools to provide teachers and administrative staff with the skills and experience to use information technologies more effectively. 

ICT for  Learning DoE —  Senior Director

Lead and facilitate systemic change within the Department of Education and Training with a particular emphasis on embedding current and emerging technologies into teaching and learning across the Northern.

Experience Responsibilities

  • Strategic Planning.
  • Copyright.
  • Performance Management.
  • Staffing and Human Resource Management.
  • Professional Development and Training.
  • Chairperson Position Panels and Appeals Panel.
  • Business Unit Staffing, Operations and Grant Budgets.
  • Programs and Project Management.
  • Change and Stakeholder Management.
  • eLearning Content Development.
  • eLearning Systems and Platforms.


  • Teaching and Learning.
  • Leadership: Experimental, Transformative and Contrarian.
  • 21st Century Learning Technologies.
  • Management: Financial, Human Resource, Procurement, Memorandums and Ministerials. 
  • Project Management: Thomsett and Prince2.
  • Policy Writing.
  • Ministerial Writing.
  • Research Writing. 
  • Presentation and Communication.
  • Procurement.
  • Intercultural.
  • Multimedia Production Procurement.

Recent Projects

  • Distance Education eLearning Framework. 
  • Professional Learning Framework.
  • Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages.
  • Copyright Advisory Group: Australian Law Reform Commission.
  • Google Apps for Education.
  • Virtual School Pilot.

Masters of Education (International) Charles Darwin University

  • Introduction to Research Methods. 
  • Master of Education Project.
  • The Challenge of Global Learning. 
  • Leadership in Global Learning. 
  • Project in Global Learning 2. 
  • Teaching and Learning and Global Learning.
  • Internship in Global Learning.
    Completion 80 of 80 credit points.

Position History

  • 12/12/14 - Present ST4: Assistant Principal

  • 01/01/14 - 11/12/14 SAO1: Senior Consultant eLearning Strategy

  • 06/07/13 -­ 31/12/13 ST4: Senior Programs Manager

  • 21/02/13 -­ 05/07/13 SAO2: Director

  • 18/04/12 -­ 20/02/13 ST4: Senior Programs Manager

  • 28/11/11 -­ 17/04/13 EO2: Senior Director

  • 01/01/11 -­ 27/11/11 ST4: Senior Programs Manager

  • 05/02/09 -­ 31/12/10 ST3: Virtual School Manager

  • 06/09/07 -­ 03/02/09 ET2: Senior eLearning Manager

  • 30/07/07 -­ 07/09/07 ET5: Learning Materials Manager

  • 19/01/07 -­ 24/06/07 ET5: Assistant Principal

  • 24/10/05 -­ 18/01/07 ET2: Senior eLearning Manager

  • 24/01/05 -­ 25/10/05 ET2: Lighthouse School Facilitator

2011 - 2014

  • Consultancy input Distance Education Report
  • Provide high level strategic advice to executive management.
  • Representation on key national bodies - Copyright and National Assessment Program ICT Literacy.
  • Strategic planning and development of innovative eLearning, collaborative and multimodal technologies. 
  • Provision of high level and effective online professional learning services for teachers. 
  • Implementation of eLearning and rich digital media strategic policy. 
  • Development of Australian wide collaborative partnerships with other departmental managers, education sector and university based stakeholders. 
  • 2007 - 2010

    • Project managed and coordinated the development and delivery of innovative, high quality, educational online environments for teachers and students across multiple schools sites.
    • Lead and managed multiple project teams within the virtual schools sites.
    • Developed policy and strategic advice/reports to NT DET Executive in relation to the development of the NT Virtual School Network.
    • Procured and acquired teaching and learning resources from national and international jurisdictions to develop online content materials.
    • Critically assess national and international developments and initiatives in relation to eLearning environments to develop a virtual school.
    • Managed Distance Learning School ICT resources. 
    •  Managed quality assurance processes. Managed staffing contracts, teacher student ratio, subject loading and human resources issues.
    • Performance Management of school staff. Managed the dispatch of course materials across the Northern Territory.
    • Co-managed the continuous school improvement plan.
    • Co-managed the implementation of NTOEC restructuring programs. Lead and managed interdisciplinary teams.

    2004 - 2006

    • Provided strategic advice to School Executive on key ICT education eLearning initiatives.
    • Managed Professional Development programs to enable teachers to create and develop online course materials.
    • Managed multimedia production team and course materials development workflows.
    • Development of eLearning solutions to deliver middle years and senior years curricular.
    • Development of ICT middle years curriculum materials.
    • Developed and managed Professional Development programs that blended technology with content and pedagogy. Including an inter-school tours and practicums.