Branch Breeze Red Flare Triptych



I am a soft-shelled bomb.
I present a greater risk than the credit given.
You cannot sense my threat.
You just won’t know.
My beauty delays your response.
My beauty delays your reaction.

The chemicals that you breathe in.
The chemicals that you absorb.
And with each generation, you dumb down.
Your children are exposed.
They are the ones who are most damaged.

Do not seek my awe.
It deceives your ability to countermeasure.
Forensic restoration is too late.


I know my body has been degraded, and you know your body is contaminated. Our bodies contain a plethora of chemicals too numerous to list. Yet, we continue to digest these violating agents as they camouflage their outcomes. We accept the unknown knowns even under the pursuit of festivity and celebration. 

The organizers choose not to warn us, and we act as nonchalant victims. Too concerned with prophesized threats to hold fear on digestible toxins. Profit and chemical regulation relies on the immediacy of symptoms. But, unfortunately, evidence of long-term affliction is hidden by immediate satisfaction. Time and cross affliction compounds. They nullify societal urgency to identify the fault and subsequent eradication. We know that nearly everything we consume has some derivation from industrial chemicals—systematized pathos.

Nonchalant and apathetic, we have accepted the sheer volume of chemicals that has contaminated our biosphere. We devoured them almost wistfully. We do not know how many chemicals we breathe in, eat, and absorb. Yet, they are in our bodies, and we carry them around like an asymptomatic carrier. We gather in awe to admire those beautiful fireworks, as we ignore the great plumes of highly toxic gases. After each bloom, aerosol particles of lithium, barium, strontium, calcium chloride, sodium nitrate, and copper rain down on us. But we continue to flock to even more extensive and brilliant events—the beautiful flares in the night. 

We have dumbed down and do not feel the effect on our brains and neurological systems. We cannot see beyond the chemical awe, and eventually, we forget the magnificence of the night sky and those faraway stars. The feeling of raw energy, metaphysical flight, and the whispers we know but can't decipher. We have augmented our reality with false trust.

Saeculum Reflection

Humiliated through brutalization and the enforcement through gunpoint has led us to the want of heroes and leaders who will not back down.

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