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Darwin Sidewalk

  Listen for the faint sounds of weeping. To reestablish your direction. The path you are on. Your dreams and visions. The need to feel above. Above the underworld. Fighting each weakness to fail. Each diversion that beckons. Seeking the shortcomings of each perfection. The same street. Is no longer recognizable. It is time to search. For a catalyst.  For an ornament.  For a precious memory. Sacredness and control. Through self-reflection. And thinking about thinking. Too hectic to wade through the complications. The science, values, and imperatives. The social categories in disagreement. We are polarised. By our relationship to reality. By our bond to our peers.  By conflicts that form identity. The kind of person you are. Who you share your values with. Who you are trusted by. Who understands you. Small conversations. That involves acceptable lies.  To get on each other's side. Trying to imagine where we can agree. By avoiding disagreements. And points of view. By skipping over w

Are you on the bus

  Are you on the bus? What is your destination? Will you cross the road? What is behind the machine? The privilege of possessing a curious mind and an urge to make sense. When Flinders circumnavigated New Holland. He took Trim. Suitable for service. Faithful and affectionate. So it became. Forging ahead and getting around restrictions. Breaking national protections. Cutting the red tape. To this day Encroachments are made to preserve Australia's prosperity. And maximizing returns, by reorganizing structures. To maintain productivity and continuous growth. Video One-off sponsorship You Tube