Australian Gothic


The land 
Where there are no crumbling castles 
No bloodsucking vampires
No ancient monsters
No antiquity
Too immature for proper history

The terror is unseen
The terror has been repressed 
Through imperial violence, fear, and subversion
Mass transportation to the dungeon of the world

50 thousand years 

Then came
The water buffalo
The missionaries
Pastoral activity
Uranium mining

Sheer relentless pressure
Bringing forth crisis and social breakdown
Through an obligation to make way

We sense their dread
As they combined the elements to create a threat

A social, religious, and physical threat
The darkest mountain
The deepest canyon
No escape

There are those who predicted the threat
Those who compose the realities of impending horror 
Those who shepherd the flock into their shelters

As we return to our nooks and anticipate their foretold slaughter

When you feel an object is both alive and not alive

Special powers
Invisible forces
Made powerful for human purpose

As the hypothetical force manifests as a feeling
And imprinted onto spirits from an earlier age

Seeing and being as the inanimate object

I traveled down this isolated road
Until I came along this mess
As industrious, damned, and isolated

I was taken in as ill
Care told me I was seriously ill
I heard each voice from each formica
Each manic state  constructed through hard work and death
Taking pride in their productivity

This my apparition 
As I become not of service

Outer World Arial Flight

Living inside of our simulation
Their posthuman conscious minds
The point of realization

Complex operational decision making
Improved problem-solving
Outperforming previous benchmarks
Until it is the reality that lags
And fear is no longer an essential element
And the allure is reiterative reenactive simulation
But what we experience is fake, false, and faux

Outer World Croc Country


A heritage of self-destructive loops  
All the ins and outs
Repeating over and over again
Never feeling satisfied

Destined to demand more

Cascading into a living hell
Where all is in threat
And the darkest most difficult path is taken

Borderlining Borderlands Scorched Earth

Go ahead and do it
Trigger the events outside of normal
Stigmatized to the fringe
Shelter and hide
In rage and panic
Until proficiency of intimidation is  demonstrated
And in isolation shut-in

Hearing phantom footsteps
I realized that the screams were mine
In the slowness of time
And enormously disturbed
This my formidable foe
Dwelling within inanimate objects

Ready to scorch
I will destroy all that is useful
To prevent you, my advancing enemy, from profiting

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