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Path of Flight

A manifestation of problems is about to piss down on me
This difficult situation is cloaked in nonsense
Encased by feral monsters with voyeuristic intentions
I am struggling to see the difference
In light of this, I take flight

Rapid Creek Tide Out

Trying to make sense of it all
When the tide goes out
And the rain stops
What was once seen is now not what is seen

All the way across the expanse
To the horizon
A revealed beauty
That is transient and formed
Flowing ebbing and eroding

Of continuous loss
As present
A simulation
Creation in place
And witnessed by my force in time

Once We Were Your Imaginary Gods

When I was your mirror
I was no less dangerous
I knew what it took
To be as yourself

Now I know how to protect
I know your empathy
I know your trust
I know your desires

Desecrated through impunity
Deep within
Where your monster resides
You are in fear of reconciliation
And of blame

Black Cockatoos Rapid Creek

As true majestic beings
Black cockatoos return to Darwin
To squawk and demonstrate
What belonging really means

Celeste Dark Awake Not Knowing

Sweet sickly toxic plume From city to city cars are killing Dead mouth Deàd eyes Push this mess away The inconvenience and perversion

From Montpellier Park to the You Yangs

Beautiful sprawling Geelong
A veneer of suburbia each and every way
And all of that granite just 22ks north east
With distinct pyramid like peaks
Making the flat plains so much more

It has not always been this way
Station Peak Flinders Peak
A discovering with sheep
Reporting that the natives were unwilling to work
Waves of squatters drove off custodian resistance

Aboriginal massacres
Procedural lack of evidence
Enforcement through denial of representation
Legitimizing colonial  right of way

Never to be officially documented
A systemic off the record ‘land grab’
Plunder and claim
Victim accounts reduced to word of mouth
Forever locked into what can be deemed acceptably plausible

Dogs must now be controlled
There are walking and trial bike trails
Picnic tables and toilet facilities
It is challenging and family-friendly
This, the now unquestionable modern day Australian landscape

Flagstaff Gardens Missing Statues

This is a matter of inference rather than direct seeing
Seven burials took place here
No evidence that the bodies were exhumed
What potential
If we want to understand it’s time to reinvent

We act as forgeries in the style of what we really want
Only to became redundant due to the introduction of a new technology
Then knowing we have been found out
We lack the  knowledge
Like fallen angles that lack life and emotional play

Taking the historicist position by what we forgot about it
Through the development of scientific knowledge
The colony of identity has been re-established
Normalised aura
To form once again - a unique existence in a particular place in time

This magnificent achievement that time has reshaped
To what is now less good, less beautiful, less awe-inspiring, less interesting
Our memories reliant on reward and monetary gain
Walk on by and think less about it
When none of the original statues exist, it nolonger matters.

Melbourne Summer Twilight

Melbourne, she gathers strength as she goes
But where has the Pleasure Gardens gone?

The attitude and disapproval of forgotten times linger
No more holidaying for the diggers on the hunt for a bit of fun

Private enterprise will build the bridge

A wooden toll bridge
Bluestone and granite
Then removed replaced and reinforced

Finally, the possessive apostrophe was remove
The lost and whispering magnificence of 19th-century Melbourne

Celeste Dark Awake Beyond Understanding

Can you remember a time?
When society didn't use fear
When society didn't use hopelessness
To control your imagination
Your imagination to be obscure
Your imagination to be different

Neon Slug

Deception generated through want  Propagated trust through beauty Mimicry to attract predators To manipulate their intended outcomes
To manifest concealment Actively transmitting misinformation Such militaristic cunning Tasty yet noxious and toxic

Scratch Away All Unpleasantness

Seeing only a fraction of what could be seen Saying far less than what needs to be said
Scratch away all unpleasant urges Heighten sensation 
Inflict thoughtlessly Until repulsion has been removed
Release your outward scream Until repulsion has been destroyed
Then justify your behavior  Until your actions are obscured

Celeste Dark Awake Beyond Parameters

Seeing yourself in darkness Thick and impenetrable darkness Anticipating what could and will happen Indulging in the fate of horror Cautious and alert Inability to speak or think clearly And beyond nurtured parameters