Sunday, July 2, 2017

GODin Well

To the observer, there is enduring sadness within the combat.
To the actual players, there is winning to be gained.
To the interested, there is opportunity to feed from this situation.

Locked towards embracing grief.
We pleasure to chance loss.
It is the conflict that was, and will be forevermore played.
Whether in shadow or in light, continuum is more or less guaranteed.
Whilst technology changes the capacity, nothing is  altered whilst in-play

And so we fall towards the attraction to destruct.
Playing, watching or speculating on the tragedy.
Based on the needs of so few our masses are poised to motion forward.
With innate ability to follow and the specialised  training to accept instruction.
With pipe in mouth and fuel to burn.
With music of promise in radiance of belief.
We deliver ouselfs to a brink.
This manifested virtue.
Rejoice and jump into the deep dark well.
Into this abys of our own making.
This abstract space of spite.