Monday, June 12, 2017

Hole in the Wall: REFUGE strip

Hole in the Wall: REFUGE strip
We have the consciousness to make sense of our physical realities.
We do not have the physics to make sense of our consciousness.
Why do we need to protect ourselves from our own inventions?
As we normalise the killing we design safety nets that are thin and ultimately useless.

REFUGE STRIP image can be commissioned as an acrylic painting on canvas

Sunday, June 4, 2017

GODin Equilibrium

GODin Equilibrium

The haste to make common sense is immediately erroneous
But that doesn't seem to matter in the world of simulated comfort
She will be right mate, don't fix it if it's not broken
Common Sense: We need a strong response to threats

The observation must be questioned if the edge is to be protected from the core
Making sense require curiosity 
The majority of mind matters is comforted by delusion
Investigation is the only way forward
Common Sense: We cannot be seen as weak

History repeats under the mantra of common sense
The future is ours if we collectively question
The chance of choice is not within the boundary
Futileness nestles within accepting commonality
Our political leaders maintain fear and conflict as the broker to maintain common sense 
There is a disregard of the intellect 
Common Sense: We cannot be confused by complexity

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Hole in the Wall: Park and Shop

What has been visioned as a cleanly planned future.
With all boxes ticked.
Harmonious with nature, functional and efficient.
The promises that life is good.
Living the advertisement.
Park your car under a tree and shop.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Hole in the Wall - Roundabouts

Hole in the Wall - Roundabouts

It keeps happening.
Every time I stop to think.
My thoughts spin.
I cannot grasp my mind.

This image can be commissioned as an acrylic painting on canvas.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Hole in the Wall - Symmetrical Plant

There is a Hole in the Wall - Symmetrical Plant
In our image, we transcend our control.
To beautify, to make calm and peaceful.
We are magnificent.
What the mundane bring to us is the opportunity to excel.
To defy the pressure of extinction.
To deny meaningless indulgence.
In the mundane we are precious.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

No Blemish in Holiness

We thought the heavens were perfect
There are no blemishes in holiness
Then we built an entire mindset based on perfection
Millenia of evolved delusion

Celestial mechanisms managed by inherited untouchables
The enabling of war, the honor, and pride
Just because the weapon is blessed doesn't mean it is sacrosanct
Just because that machine is beautiful doesn't mean it will not kill on mass

The focus in finding error has lessened the need to make understanding
The priority of profit has enforced creativity as an exclusivity
Institutionalized standards ill-define exclusivity and impoverish blemish

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Godin Hashtag

Within complexity is within chaos
Where indications form collected understanding
Prized open consciousness and reap collective voice
Enabling opportunity, exaltation,  prosperity, and exploitation

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Where is this road taking us p2

Senselessness is closer to godliness.
Our chance is greater than sensing a predetermined order.
Roads and borders have formed our consequence of being.
Once on the flat surface without a line our traverse is both too and fro.
With lines, we learned to know what is too and what is fro.
With lines, we became assured that there is intended purpose.
With barriers, we became to know there is safety in our conscious world.
With barriers, we became assured that there is intended protection.

We protect the entry and we protect the exit.
We protect what is on and we protect what is off.
Fabricating senses to make fabricated sense.
This has become our understanding.
This has become our normality.
A predicted future has been transposed through evolutionary sensors.
Building indicators on indicators.
Captured within historical learnings.

Now trapped, we are too scared to be removed from this order.
If removed there is no enforce heritage.
Our leader's platforms are culturally accepted.
Who lives where, who inflicts, who controls.
Destruction of sensory purpose opens the void.

Knownness blinds consequence.
Controlled by senses that profit order.
Only through the removal of sensory purpose can we enlist the freedoms within chance.

There is no opportunity to remove sensors.
Our masses fear chance.
The chance of entering godliness has been lost.

Lost to the controlling sensors.
The powerful manner what is reason and regulation.
This simulated order is for the prosperous.

The warnings exist but they are not evident for action.
Only through senseless existence can we move closer to godliness.

Sunday, April 2, 2017


Who would have known
Dulled and sullied
There is nothing random in this fabricated ecosystem
Of building on the failure to vision
Whilst profiting from dealership
How much land would be faced by road

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Godin Still Life

A commonplace object, being within constructed consciousness.
Specialized to maintain critical understanding.
Allegorical manifestations that remain powerfully silent.
There are no dead animals anymore.
Commonalities of concrete, vistas and crafted shapes.
The background is now confined by certainty and knowing.
Prominence, power, and deception.
This is real, isn't it?

Monday, March 6, 2017

Where is this road taking us?

It is the same place and same time
Being in a different time and associated with the same construct
So much place is taken up by the same being
Is the need to move forward a priority over being in place and time?
No matter how far we have traveled the same social construct has remained steadfast in place.

Monday, February 6, 2017

What a bloke

What a bloke, McGuire.

Homophobic Comments

Homophobic comments in the Winter Olympics
''They don't leave anything in the locker room, those blokes,'' said Molloy.
''They don't leave anything in the closet either, do they?'' McGuire said, laughing.
''Careful,'' Molloy replied. ''You'll get yourself into trouble.''
Channel 9 Response: NO COMMENT

Racist Comments

Calling the Australian of the year King Kong, 
The conversation: he is a throwback to the old racist, sexist culture that has blighted Australian sport.

Sexist Comments

The Age: he would pay $50,000 to see  Wilson stay under a pool of iced water and charge an extra $10,000 for "everyone to stand around the outside and bomb her".

Sexist President of Collingwood Passive Decision

He chooses to non-attend the first AFLW game, in which his team, the team he is president of, had the honor to play. Rather than acting as the leader - the President of the Collingwood Football Club, he chose to commentate at a male boxing match.

The Age: It looks like "Eddie Everywhere" McGuire can't be everywhere - or at least not when it comes to women's footy.

Talk is cheap and talk is also easy for this bloke.  What a bloke, McGuire.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

There is a hole in the wall

Hole in the Wall video

Hole in the Wall image

There is a hole in the wall
There is a hole in the wall

Authorities are unsure who will enter through the hole in the wall
Authorities are unsure who will exit through the hole in the wall
Once seen the hole in the wall will be weaponized
Nothing in itself, can be weaponized

There is a hole in the wall
There is a hole in the wall

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Why Australia needs to be a Republic

The action PrimeMinister Malcolm Turnbull will be remembered for, is whether he enacts processes for Australia to become a Republic.

My commitment to the Republican movement was pure and simply patriotism, a love of Australia... a desire or passion that all of our national symbols should be unequivocally and unambiguously Australian. Malcolm Turnbull