What is Manga? part 3

What is Manga - is a research-based unit/tutorial plan for Year 10 students
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Learning Requirements and Success Criteria

Learning Requirements:
  • Develop the skills to employ digital software to construct an effective design.
Success Criteria:
  • You will demonstrate a greater understanding of what is a good Manga Business Card design CRAP.
  • You will demonstrate greater skills in applying Inkscape to construct a Manga Business Card.

Expectation 1

You are expected to complete 3 requirements:
  1. Requirement 1: You will upload an example of a Manga Business Card and reflect on why you chose it.
  2. Requirement 2: Video Tutorial Basic Business Card.
  3. Requirement 3: Design your own Business Card - Design a Business Card.

Expectation 2

  1. You will create your own Manga Business Card. 

Requirement 1

To complete this requirement, you will upload an example of a Manga Business Card into the Requirement 1: Investigate an example of a Manga Business Card Forum and reflect on 4 design principles (CRAP). (Teacher to setup forum)


Investigation Task - Instructions
  1. You are to search the internet to find an example of a good Manga Business Card.
  2. You are to download it and then upload the image into this forum.
  3. You are to enter the following details;
    1. the name of the creator,
    2. the URL address,
    3. the date you downloaded the Manga Business Card, and
    4. reflect on how your selected Manga Business Card's matches the 4 basic principles of design (CRAP)
CRAP: 4 basic principles of design 
Your reflection should incorporate all four principles of CRAP:
  1. Contrast,
  2. Repetition,
  3. Alignment,
  4. Proximity,

Contrast focuses our attention and should be used to highlight the most important points that the audience should take away. Designers should use colors, bold type, and size to distinguish parts of text or an image and create contrast.
Repetition ties objects or images together. It is why sporting teams have pattern repetition of their uniforms. In regards to text, repetition of fonts, styles, and sizes unify the design.
Alignment indicates organization, polish, and strength. Text on a page is easier to read and understand if it is properly aligned to the margin. Alignment should be applied to every design or page layout to show order.
Proximity creates relationships within objects in an image. Placing objects close together shows their connectedness and focuses the audience’s attention. For example, captions placed near photos on a page layout show that they describe the photos they are near.

More reading about good CRAP

Requirement 2: Video Tutorial Business Card

Inkscape Tutorial: Print Ready Business Card Design
In this tutorial, you will learn
  • how to create a print-ready business card design that is US standard 3.5" by 2"
  • and the finished design will be formatted with a .25" bleed and at 300 DPI. 
  • First, watch the video.
  • Then, complete the tutorial whilst watching the video.

Requirement 2: Video Tutorial Business Card upload and reflection
Now that you have completed the Video Tutorial Business Card, you need to:
  1. Export abstract Business Card: yournameBusinessCard.png
  2. UPLOAD: according to your teacher's instruction
  3. Provide a short statement on
    1. what technical skills you learned whilst completing the tutorial.
    2. what ideas you got whilst completing the tutorial.

Requirement 3: DESIGN your own Business Card

Now it is time for you to sketch up your own business card.
You will need a pencil or pen and paper to complete this task.
Once completed upload your sketch it into the Requirement 3: Design your own Business Card Forum
  • upload your sketch into the Requirement 3: Design your own Business Card Forum (set-up by your teacher)
    • To do this, either scan it or take a photo and upload the digital image.
  • In a short paragraph explain what the features of your sketch demonstrate (with reference to CRAP)
    • Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, Proximity
Example of a Business Card Design sketch

Expectation 2

Creation of a Manga Business Card employing Inkscape
This is a SUMMATIVE assessment task.
  • It is expected that you will create your own Manga Business Card employing Inkscape.
    • Based on your sketch create a Manga Business Card using Inkscape software.
    • You are to submit the original svg file
  • Your Business Card must demonstrate your skills through your;
    • use of shapes tools
    • use of drawing tools
    • use of functions
  • Your Badge must employ
    • design shapes
    • illustration (eg cartoon of something recognizable)
    • text (typography)
To successfully complete this, you must have completed:
  • Requirement 1: Upload an example of a Manga Business Card and reflect on why
  • Requirement 2: Video Tutorial Basic Business Card 
  • Requirement 3: Design your own Business Card - Design a Business Card

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