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Digital Literacy Multimodal Media

On Tuesday, 21 January 2014 I was fortunate to participate within the 2014 National Visual Art Education Conference.
I presented within session 3 - 21st Century Learning – Changing classroom paradigms for students, teachers, and institutions.
Presentation: Slides and Transcript Slides Full Resolution: jjfbbennett Flickr Slide 1 Hello, my name is John Bennett I have been involved in education since the 1980s For more details about my professional career, please visit This site will connect you to my ePortfolio, Twitter, Google+, Flickr, YouTube, and Linkedin sites.
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This presentation is about teaching and learning practices. It is about why I believe schools need to become future focussed.
Slide 3 My career phases Before I begin this story, I'll overview where I fit in. I started my career as an exhibiting Artist. In the 90's I dedicated myself to Classroom Teaching. And more recently I have acted as an Administrator.
My art career gave me an appreciation of…