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Engaging disengagement

Disengaged students

If the data is consistent 10% of youths between the age of 16 to 18 are not engaged in education, employment or training (a stitch in time: tackling educational disengagement). The ongoing cost for people who have disengaged will grow ever-increasing as society relies less on unskilled labour.

Technological change, greater labour market flexibility and economic reforms are transforming the workplace. In Australia the labour growth sections are;

Health Care and Social AssistanceProfessional, Scientiļ¬c and Technical ServicesEducation and TrainingMining Construction  The jobs in decline are; Manufacturing Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing The Future Of All Work, And Not Just For Creatives - trends in USA

The disengaged ex-students have a decreasing employment prospect.  Has education failed these students? Whether the answer is yes or no there needs to be a stronger focus on trying to reducing disengaged students. 

What are the indicators? a poor attitude towards lea…