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iPAD & ANDROID APPS and Blooms

Part of a 21st Century Teacher's mission is to relate innovative technology with their teaching practices. Perhaps the most commonly accepted teaching and learning pedagogical methody is the Blooms Taxonomy. Blooms has been revised to the digital era.
Across the internet many educators have made considerable efforts  to related Blooms with Moodle and other  online frameworks.

Moodle and Blooms Taxonomy
View more presentations from Mark Rollins Blooms and Web 2.0

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy and Web 2 Tools on Prezi

 I recently came across a neat image that equates iPAD apps with the Blooms revised taxonomy.

This image chart can be easily updated and applied to Android and online teaching and learning frameworks

Educators across the world can adapt new technologies and adapt teaching and learning practices though what is a global connected effort to be relevant and effective.

Texting Technology Thinking

Whilst writing has existed for many centuries the association of writing as technology is relatively new. The question is how have the different technologies such as;
Chisel and Stone

Reed pen

papyrus roll

press and vellum

typewriter and paper

keyboard and computer screen


 influence thinking?

Mobile writing technology is now a first choice in today's youth and how is it changing thinking? 14% done in class!!!

Educators are caught in this change. Students are wanting to write but in a technology that is not designed for essay writing.

Mobile Keyboards are changing to accommodate fast Mobile TXTing

Software for touch screens
Technology changes thinking. Allow it to change thinking in your classroom

New technologies create cultural disturbances.